He brought the only Reggae and Dancehall program to a worldwide, all sports, radio station for the first time, anywhere in the world. He is promoting our Jamaican culture to an international audience and doing it all by his lonesome. His name is Dennis McInnis but most know him as Denzie Frass but recently changed it to Denzie Cash, based on the direction his life is taking him now. 

Born and raised in Westmoreland, Denzie used to be one of those boys in all-age school that made beats on his desk during lunch breaks and compete at school concerts as an artist with the stage name, Denzie Banton. His musical endeavors continued on to high school with his first name change being Denzie Killa. During his final year of high school before heading off to college, Denzie began spinning music on sound systems, at which time a friend of his, Bulby, started calling him Frass and from there, the name stuck. However, after college and deciding to take the music business more seriously in 2008, there was a producer using the name DJ Frass so Denzie went by the moniker Denzie Frass instead. 

After getting married in 2010, Denzie moved to the heart of Kingston to pursue his vision, a vision that was conceptualized in its entirety in his mind. He saw the whole plan laid out in front of him along with the formula to execute it. In 2012, Denzie got his big break when he formulated the idea of having his own media company. His concept was not just about himself but more about having a global movement for persons of a similar mindset. After various attempts to find a suitable name for this company, he finally settled on Ultra Modern Lifestyle, as it best fits his character and many talents. Nothing was impossible to his approach, hence, his Ultra Modern way of thinking. 

Originally, Denzie had started out Ultra Modern Lifestyle as a magazine. Ultra Modern Magazine made its way online and a short stint in print in 2013 with major interest from the Jamaica Tourist Board wanting to jump on as sponsors. However, he put a pause on the printing of the magazine to channel his energy elsewhere, more so online. He refurbished his company name and began using Ultra Modern Digital Media which covers a broader range of services, inclusive of publishing, but decided to put more focus into different media aspects. 

Denzie eventually entered into the television market when he began hosting Boomshot of the Week on the FiWi Choice Chart show since 2015, which aired on TVJ. Then, in April 2016, the radio bug came to bite when he ventured into his own pre-recorded program called Vybz E-News Weekly, airing on Hot 102 FM and his personal Soundcloud account. Ultra Modern was a media partner of the 2016 OverJam International Reggae Festival that took place in Slovenia, a country in Europe. Other festivals are knocking after that initial partnership, since it garnered great pride within himself with such successful results. 

Currently, Vybz E-News Weekly airs in Africa on Radio Nigeria Highland 101.5 FM in Jose City, Nigeria and is already a favorite there as they see it as a global gateway from Kingston, Jamaica directly to them. With over 11 million listeners across 15 states and broadcasted on several internet radio stations based in the US, Caribbean and Europe, Denzie's hopes of being the main source for Reggae and Dancehall content will make its way onto at least one mainstream FM radio station in each continent soon. Vybz E-News is endorsed by MPR Consulting. Ultra Modern is also collaborating with the Jamaica Netball Festival which will be held late 2017 at the National Stadium, as well as being sponsors of several local main and charity events. 

In 2017, he decided to move his concept to coordinate more with Jamaica's premier cultural package of sports and entertainment. His team saw KLAS/ESPN Sports 89 FM as the perfect medium to combine our country's two main loves, sports and music, as a means to promote Ultra Modern across all spectrum. On April 22nd, Vybz E-News was  aired on the multifaceted station at 8pm, local time, to much rave reviews.  

Denzie Cash is motivated not by the fame and fortune he expects to receive from his inevitable success but rather his passion for Reggae and Dancehall music, which he discovered since 1994 while in primary school. The culture consumes his lifestyle and with the knowledge of various aspects of the music industry, it helps to coordinate his dreams and ambitions. 

His primary objective for his premier radio program is to establish a worldwide platform that represents as a springboard for our music culture. Not only will it promote local contents but to also become the number one Jamaican source that the world turns to for exposure. Denzie Cash and his Ultra Modern team are all looking forward to eventually making Vybz E-News Weekly a television program and hoping to establish Ultra Modern Magazine as a household name in publishing. 

Denzie and his team lives by his tag line...Think Ultra, Live Modern, Be Inspired.


Written by: Lesley Hayles

Completion date: April 23, 2017